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Acupuncture therapy

Understanding Acupuncture

This modality of traditional Chinese medicine is a natural treatment option that effectively complements your chiropractic care!  It is an ancient, yet scientifically validated, medicine designed to bring balance to the body’s energy. Tiny needles are inserted into energy points that are known to produce therapeutic results. At Chiropractic Partners, we also incorporate dry needling techniques that blend eastern and western medicine, giving our patients even greater pain relief. 

Acupuncture Painting

Other common conditions acupuncture can treat are all types of headaches and migraines, arthritis and joint pain, menstrual cramps, digestive disorders, stress and anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, it supports healthy pregnancies, and much more. 

Some of our methods include the insertion of sterile, non-reusable needles. It is relatively pain free and gentle. In addition, we can utilize electrical stimulation directly on the needles, meaning we can specifically target muscles rather than use pads on the surface that may not affect deeper muscles.

While all patient’s experiences are unique, most report relief from their acupuncture treatment immediately or within a few hours. As with chiropractic, how many sessions is best for you depends on your unique treatment plan.

We can discuss your specific needs when you schedule a consultation or make an appointment with us today!

Acupuncture in Clayton, NC

If you are familiar with the concept of holistic or “whole body” healing, you know that the combination of multiple healing modalities and techniques can prove highly effective in improving health, enhancing wellness, relieving pain, and rehabilitating injuries. Chiropractic Partners proudly offers acupuncture treatment in Clayton. We find this ancient form of care to be a powerful means of helping our patients overcome all kinds of difficulties, from acute pain to chronic conditions.

The Art of the Acupuncturist

The healing art of the acupuncturist extends back thousands of years. Early practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine mapped out several major pathways in the body known as meridians. These meridians, they said, carried the life force, or qi, wherever it needed to be. Disruptions in this network promoted sickness, pain, and disorders of all kinds. They found that inserting tiny needles into specific points along the meridians restored normal qi flow.

Western medicine describes acupuncture’s effectiveness in slightly different terms. Research indicates that acupuncture points may correspond to neurological “gateways” that regulate pain and other signals. Manipulation of these points is thought to help guide or redirect nerve signaling to improve health. Acupuncture needling also seems to trigger endorphin production, providing natural pain relief through your body’s own biological mechanisms.

What You Can Expect

When might you receive acupuncture at Chiropractic Partners of Clayton? We may prescribe it alongside chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, laser therapy, and Kinesio-taping as part of a comprehensive, personalized care program. Acupuncture’s ability to relieve symptoms and normalize nerve function makes it a valuable treatment for both acute and chronic conditions, including:

  • Mood disorders
  • Reproductive system issues
  • Urological health problems
  • Chronic pain syndromes such as Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches, neck pain, back pain, and TMJ pain
  • Extremity pain
  • Neuropathy

You’ll be glad to know that the needles we use are so fine and so lightly inserted, that they don’t cause pain. Your first session may take up to an hour if we need to collect additional health information before proceeding; subsequent sessions may take 10 to 45 minutes. Most acupuncture treatments call for a series of sessions to deliver best results, even though you may feel noticeably better after the first couple of sessions.

Contact our Clayton Acupuncturist for Treatment

Could acupuncture be the answer to your condition? If you’re excited by the prospect of trying acupuncture treatment, the first step is to schedule an initial evaluation so we can make sure you are a good candidate for this form of care. 

For questions please contact us today or set up an appointment. We are happy to help restore your health and wellness!

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