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Some patients are scared, some are tired of the constant pain. No matter where you are in your journey, we are here to help you. Please listen to the testimonials of some of our patients that have been in pain but trusted Dr. Ferez and today feel much better!

Gary Acevedo


My name is Gary Acevedo. My wife and I were sitting in a parking lot and a tractor trailer was backing up behind us and slammed into the back of us.

I had a concussion for two weeks, was also diagnosed with whiplash, and then I came here. I had headaches, like constant headaches for two weeks straight.

There were knots in my shoulders and neck and going down my spine. What it was is that I started seeing spots and I started getting dizzy.

First time it was like I just wanted the pain to stop. It was like with the spots and getting dizzy, I was just pretty much at my wits end at that point. The first time that we came in, we took the x-rays and then we started with the TENS unit.

Then I also got the acupuncture in my neck as well. The vision, I want to say it was about a week and a half after getting the treatments that the vision started to improve.

That was the first thing that started to improve. Then I want to say two weeks after I started, the headaches had stopped. Then three weeks after, that’s when I could feel all of the muscles in my back, my neck, my shoulders, each day one of them just started to release.

The next day another one would release until now it feels like air. I believe one, the way that he talks to you and the way that he can convey exactly what’s going on with you, exactly what the treatment is that he wants to prescribe.

Then not only just Dr. Ferez, but his staff is helpful. They’re all friendly as well. If you have any questions, they don’t have a problem with answering the question. If you’re having a problem like that day, if one of the acupuncture was turned up like too high, they don’t have a problem with going through and readjusting things to make sure that you are comfortable and taken care of.



My name is Carly and I’m from Smithfield. So I was actually hit by a drunk driver and I called Dr. Ferez and immediately I was able to get a little bit of relief.

But what really got me was he called me that night at 8:30, which shocked me. When does a doctor ever call you at 8:30? He called me and said, “I just wanted to check on you. “Are you doing okay? “Are you feeling any better?” And then he followed up with me a second time. He was able to show me exercises and stretches that I could do and really helped ’cause, daggone, I could hardly walk.

I’d never been to a chiropractor. I was a little bit skeptical and then immediately I knew I could trust them.

I had always heard once you start going to a chiropractor that you’ll have to continue to go, that once you start it, you can’t stop. But that’s not been true.

I thought he would do a little bit just to get you feeling better, but then it would maybe go back to the way that it was and I would have to keep on going to feel better.

I also was afraid that it would get expensive. But it wasn’t the case.

Within a couple weeks of treatment, I felt better. Maybe didn’t see him for two years. In fact, I rode a mechanical bull at the fair and fell and then I had to call him again and say, “Dr. Ferez, help!” (laughs) Oh, I feel completely better. I mean, there is simple things of sometimes I wear high heels too much and then I’ll get a sharp pain shooting up my leg and my back is hurting or sometimes I sleep on my shoulder too wrong and I’ll call him. But he can do his x-ray and he can say, “Okay, well your hip is out of place.” And then fix it and feel better. And when you feel better, you sleep better.

I love the people that work with Dr. Ferez. They know me as a person, not just a patient coming in. I love that I can call him the day of and say I’m in pain and he says, “Come on down.” Even if he’s closing in 30 minutes, he finds a way to get me in. I like the follow up and how they check up on me afterwards to make sure that I’m feeling better. 

If you’re walking around in pain, whether it be leg, neck, back, quit doing it. Just call him. He’s gonna make you feel better. There’s no sense in feeling bad, feel good!

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